the grumpies

So here’s the thing: I seldom claim to have a bad day.  I used to know this girl in high school, and every time you asked her how her day was she’d go into a long, detailed explanation of why she was having the worst day ever.  It got to the point where I wondered why she didn’t just end it, because things NEVER got better for her.

I’m of the opinion that in any given day there are at least a few things that should be able to make a person smile.  Sometimes you have to look harder for them than others, but you should always be able to find them. 

Today, however, I’ve decided I’m having a bad day.  Part of it is my mood, to be sure.  On the other hand, I think the universe is conspiring with my hormones to make me crazy today.  For example:

  • Didn’t sleep well.
  • Left the house late on the one day every two weeks I have to be on time to work for a meeting.
  • Seattle commuters, apparently completely confounded by the mist blanketing the Puget Sound region, caused me to be 20 minutes late to my meeting instead of the 5 minutes late I had caused by my own actions.
  • Student Development staff sang “Happy Birthday” to me in said meeting…a month late.
  • Papers I printed off last week were sitting in my office instead of in my bag, so after arriving late I had to leave the meeting to retrieve them and come back.  The papers, naturally, were not used once I returned.
  • First email of the morning was from a somewhat annoyed Information Services employee who was (understandably) not thrilled that I had directed the entire campus to his personal work email address rather than the general IS help address for any technical issues they experienced during the test run of our emergency alert system.
  • Someone stole my afternoon Diet Coke out of the fridge.
  • I had to call back someone from the Marines who wants to recruit on campus and tell her she can’t come and recruit on campus.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever talked to a Marine, but they can be persuasive.  That conversation took longer than it should have.
  • My head hurts, my right shoulder hurts, and my lower back hurts.  Lots.

I guess on the upside, I get to go home in two hours.  By then it’ll be nice and dark and probably wet and gloomy, although I have no windows in my office, so I can only speculate as to the what is happening with the weather right now based on the sound of what I assume is rain on the roof.

I probably shouldn’t even post this, because it’ll probably bring some bad juju back my way that couldn’t possibly matters.  Luckily almost no one reads this anymore because of my long hibernation periods.

In other words, no one cares.

Grump, grump, grump.

And I don’t want any pity.  No need to tell me you care, or tell me it’ll feel better, or try to commiserate with me.  I just wanted to gripe, and I have no one to gripe to except the internet.  Just pretend I just walked into your office or classroom or living room or whatever, told you I needed to vent, and then spilled my guts and walked out.