a (almost) perfect evening

It’s Sunday night.  I’m sitting in one of the armchairs in the living room, and Joel is sprawled out on the couch.  Each of us have a laptop perched on our knees, and a third is downloading some program for Joel’s job on the coffee table.  We just got done watching Family Guy, and now Mike Rowe is talking about “muffins” on an as of yet unidentified workplace on Dirty Jobs.  I worked out earlier today, and when I got home Joel and I made burgers and macaroni salad from some recipes on the Weight Watchers website.  The building is relatively quiet, and I think it might be chilly outside, but the apartment is warm and cozy, with just two lamps and a pumpkin-scented candle lighting the room.  I think I’m about to start playing some Mario Karton the Wii while Joel finishes up whatever project he’s working on.

And once we’re married, Joel won’t have to drive home. 

That will be enough to make this a perfect evening.