our morning

Been laying in bed for the past hour with Jude asleep on my chest, dogs at my feet. Watching the wind blow the rain through the trees outside. Trying to remember if the doors are locked. Thinking about all the laundry I need to do today. Need a drink of water and the toilet. Bum is going numb. Worried my child will never nap during the day in a normal bed, or sleep through the night without a swaddle. I’m going to have to swaddle my 30-year-old son, unless he finds a wife who’ll do it for him, but if she puts up with the swaddling she can’t be normal, right?

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About paula

My favorite ice cream is peppermint, but I settle for mint chocolate chip. I watch scary movies with my fingers over my eyes. I like half-mittens. I hate romantic comedies. Edwin McCain is my musical guilty pleasure. My overly dramatic reactions make me the object of affectionate teasing by my friends. One time, when going out of my way to splash through an exceptionally large puddle, I soaked a family with at least one small child, and possibly a newborn. I got married in December 2008 to my best friend.

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