Tuesday, April 29

Getting my annual check-up over with.

Gwinn FINALLY serving oatmeal raisin cookies at lunch!

Lovely 1.1s with my PAs.

Sugar free peppermint and vanilla americano.  I know it’s nearly May, but tastes like Christmas in my mouth.

Random, on-again, off-again, sunshine and rain.

Getting a killer massage (Maryann, Danielle is excited to meet you!).

Walking around Cal Anderson Park, and randomly bumping into Cindy at her son’s baseball game.

NPR on KUOW.  I turn it on after 8pm and I have no idea what I’m going to hear, but I always love it.

Bible study…which reminds me, if you’re interested in what we’re doing, you can get a glimpse here.  I strongly suggest listening to the stories.  Shanna is delighfully theatrical.

And tomorrow I’m going to see Cirque du Soleil.  I am ridiculously excited.  I’ll tell you all about it.  And possibly take some pictures, although I’m fairly certain they won’t let me.  I’ll try to be sneaky.

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About paula

My favorite ice cream is peppermint, but I settle for mint chocolate chip. I watch scary movies with my fingers over my eyes. I like half-mittens. I hate romantic comedies. Edwin McCain is my musical guilty pleasure. My overly dramatic reactions make me the object of affectionate teasing by my friends. One time, when going out of my way to splash through an exceptionally large puddle, I soaked a family with at least one small child, and possibly a newborn. I got married in December 2008 to my best friend.

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