Monday, April 28

The sun is now staying out until 8pm, and I had no idea until today.  It’s been overcast for the last two weeks, snowing at some points, and it wasn’t until I was out for a walk until almost 8pm that I realized we really are in the middle of spring.  Who knew?  I think I’m just so used to the idea that Seattle is SUPPOSED to be cloudy that it doesn’t even occur to me to look for the sunshine.  I’m not sure if that’s encouraging or depressing.

I wished my best friend Julie happy birthday today.  Her birthday was actually Saturday, but because <insert lame excuse here>, I neglected to call.  Julie, I love that I still make you laugh.  You make me feel special every time we talk.  I hope your ultrasound later this week goes well!

I got moderate amounts of work done today, did some investigating for my boss, and answered what felt like 423,349 emails.  It’s amazing how quickly they can pile up over the weekend.  And it’s amazing how easily distracted I can get by facebook, especially now that they’ve added that darn chat feature.  That reminds me: Margaret, how was your thai food?

This weekend I took the PAs out to Joel’s house in North Bend.  We hiked, we ate, we watched awful movies, and it was wonderful.  Here are some pictures:


They’re cute, aren’t they?

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My favorite ice cream is peppermint, but I settle for mint chocolate chip. I watch scary movies with my fingers over my eyes. I like half-mittens. I hate romantic comedies. Edwin McCain is my musical guilty pleasure. My overly dramatic reactions make me the object of affectionate teasing by my friends. One time, when going out of my way to splash through an exceptionally large puddle, I soaked a family with at least one small child, and possibly a newborn. I got married in December 2008 to my best friend.

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